Private: Marysville-Getchell vs Mariner


By Jake Goldstein-Street

While this game was technically over from the moment it began, as Marsyville Getchell couldn’t field a full team of seven players, it was one still dominated by the Mariner Marauders. Mariner played with both precise passing and hard-nosed defense. They scored thirty-four points unanswered in this game before allowing a last second touchdown to the Chargers. The team had four touchdowns and two interceptions. Three of their four touchdowns were followed by successful two-point conversions. The Mariner quarterback threw 13 passes, completing 8 for 175 yards. The Marauders thrived in big play situations; they had 2 full-field touchdowns and another of 28 yards.

Meanwhile, Marysville Getchell had no such luck on either side of the ball. Every close play seemed to go the way of their opponents. Early on, when the game was still close, the Chargers made it near the goal line, but their drive was thwarted by a tipped interception. After that, Marysville Getchell had great trouble getting anything going offensively until the last play which was a forty-yard touchdown pass just before time expired. The Chargers utilized two quarterbacks, who, combined, completed 8 of 17 pass attempts for 121 yards. This forfeited game finished 34-6 in favor of Mariner High School.




April 9, 20179:00 amDay 4 - 4/9/2017Spring 2017