League Rules


Field Length- 50 total yards—40 yards + end zone 


  • Games will be 25 minutes in length – running clock – No Time Outs.
  • Clock will only stop for injuries requiring assistance for leaving field  
  • Tie games will result in a 2-Pt Conversion challenge (KC Tie-Break style)
  • Coin Flip for O/D Choice – Alternates until successful try and stop is made.

Player Packages

  • Offense
    • Six offensive players including Quarterback with the seventh player being the snapper
  • Defense
    • Seven Defensive players (If you are a 3-4/3-3-5 you are still only allowed 7 players)
  • Subs
    • Must enter from the sideline. No team huddles on field.

Equipment Requirements

  • All Athletes will be required to wear mouth pieces at all times
  • All Athletes will be required to wear Team Uniforms
  • If you Do NOT have the required equipment you will not participate.
  • No equipment will be provided

Moving The Ball

  • Offense always starts on +40 with their choice of hash after any change of Possession
  • ​Offense has 3 downs to gain a first down.
  • First down markers will be at the 25 & 10 yard line
  • Once inside the +10, the offense has 4 downs to score a TD
  • Passing game only. No Run Plays – including Qb scrambles.
  • ​NO double passes or reverse passes allowed.
  • Offensive team will have 25 seconds to put the ball into play.
  • Delay of game will result in a loss of down.

Defensive Rules

  • Ball carrier is down when touched below the neck – 1 or 2 hands
  • A Defender is NOT allowed to leave his feet to make a tag.
  • An interception will result in an immediate stoppage of play and a change of possession. Interceptions result in 2 points for your team score.
  • Each team is allowed one (1) blitz per game. If a team blitz’s more than one time in a game, they will be penalized 15 yards.


  • NO blocking. Blocking will result in a loss of down, return to previous spot.
  • Fumbles are dead balls at the spot with the last team in control retaining possession at the spot. (Exception – bobbled snap by Qb – play will be allowed to continue.)
  • Defensive pass interference/holding/illegal contact results in a first down at the spot of foul.
  • Offensive pass interference will result in a return to the previous spot plus a loss of down.
  • Unsportsmanlike Conduct/Taunting = removal of player for game.
  • Fighting = removal of player for the season.

 Coaching your Team

  • There will be one offensive coach allowed on the field at any time huddle.
  • The coach must be position behind the offensive huddle.
  • Coaches are not allowed to challenge any official ruling.
  • Remaining team coaches can work from the sidelines.
  • NO defensive coaches allowed on the field.

Scoring / PAT / Conversion

  • 6 points for TD
  • The offense can opt for 1 or 2 point conversion attempt
    • 1-point conversion is automatic
    • 2-point conversion attempt from the +10 yard line
    • 0 points for failure to convert
  • 2 Points for Defensive Interceptions 


  • Offensive Penalties
    • False Start/ Illegal Motion = Loss of Down
    • Delay of Game= Loss of Down
    • Blocking= Loss of Down
    • Pass Interference = 15 yard penalty from LOS/ loss of down
    • Illegal Play= Loss of Down
  • Defense Penalties
    • Holding – 15 yard penalty from Spot of Foul
    • Pass Interference – 15 yard penalty from Spot of Foul
    • Unnecessary Roughness – 15 yard penalty from Spot of Foul

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